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Speaker Profile

Amy Rannebarger

Senior Human Resource Professional, Paycheck

Amy Rannebarger Partnering with her clients to protect their talent, build and coach their leadership team, as well as protect their business through comprehensive HR Consultation, Compliance, Services and Strategies that align to their business goals is truly Amy’s passion! Her 12+ years in HR has given her the resourcefulness and knowledge needed to build relationships with leadership teams, to be an asset to her organization and provide her clients and their businesses the necessary partnership to help them succeed. Finding, engaging and retaining talent within a business is the best competitive advantage an organization has that differentiates them from their competition and it’s Amy’s goal to help her clients succeed in this area and beyond!

"I consider those are rich who are doing something they feel worthwhile and which they enjoy doing." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Amy holds a Bachelors in HR Management from Lindenwood University and is currently pursuing an MBA with an HR Management emphasis from Lindenwood University.

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