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Pivot Table Essentials for Data Analytics in Excel

Instructor Ray Evans 
Webinar ID 38755
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Date Friday, June 28, 2024
Time 11:30 AM PDT | 02:30 PM EDT
Duration 90 Minutes  

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A PivotTable displays a summary of a selected data set in a condensed format of rows, columns, data fields, and pages. These components can be "pivoted" with your mouse allowing you to expand, isolate, calculate, and group the particular data in real time. This table empowers the user to view and analyze large amounts of information.

PivotTables are a "must have" reporting tool enabling quick business decisions, crucial in business, government, and academic fields.

PivotCharts provide added enhancement through the powerful graphical presentation of PivotTable data.

Understand this power-packed capability of Excel and how you can create PivotTables in minutes "working smarter, not harder"!

Why should you Attend

  • Work smarter, faster, and more effectively
  • Boost profit, efficiency, and productivity
  • Strengthen your resume and higher pay options
  • Achieve more in less time with higher quality results
  • Improve job satisfaction, team performance, and professionalism
  • Gain a strong competitive advantage at peer and business level

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Data table design essentials
  • Understand PivotTables
  • Create your own PivotTable
  • Define the PivotTable structure
  • Switch and Delete PivotTable fields
  • PivotTable Tools - analyze and design
  • Summary value calculations and format
  • Column and Row filters
  • PivotCharts
  • PivotTable slicers to filter data and charts
  • Inserting a timeline filter

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone seeking to significantly boost profits
  • Competitive advantage
  • Productivity
  • Job satisfaction, and effective use of their technology
  • This webinar is for students with foundational knowledge and skills in Excel who wish to take advantage of the higher-level functionality in Excel

Speaker Profile

Ray Evans professional and relaxed style reflects his thorough understanding of adult learning principles and is demonstrated through his diverse range of classroom, seminar, workshop and online delivery services and instructional materials.

With Microsoft Certifications in Excel and Word, he has mastered over 2500 topics to advanced level in Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, and Publisher. Ray has qualifications in Frontline Management, Accounting, Training, and Assessment and is certified in Six Sigma business improvement methodology.

Having trained over 120,000 students and authored a wide range of complex reports, training, and procedural documentation, Ray has demonstrated strong ability in written communication, change management, and knowledge transfer.